Japan House Church

by WMD   06-06-2017   0 reads

The First House Church between Caleb Lee, a second gene, and Sone Sachico, Tokyo, Japan on 4/29 (By M. Daniel Jeong)

​Caleb Lee came to Japan when he was a grammar school student as a second gene of M. Joshua and Rebekah. He went to Vancouver, Canada and spent 8 years for high school and college education. He got a good job in Japan after finishing his college in March. Sone Sachico prayed for her house church, serving as a pianist for Tokyo UBF. They got married after having marriage Bible studies with M. Daniel Jeong.

​We worried that the Tokyo UBF building would not be big enough for celebrating a wedding. But all coworkers cleaned and decorated it beautifully. All our women missionaries prepared delicious food and it was more than enough to share with all guests. They were all happy and said they had never seen such a beautiful and meaningful wedding ceremony before. This is the first house church between our second gene missionary and Japanese shepherdess. We pray for them to love God and their neighbors. We pray that God may establish such house churches between Japanese leaders and second gene missionaries.