Karawaci and Cikarang UBF Joint Easter Bible Conference

by WMD   04-11-2017   0 reads

The Karawaci and Cikarang UBF joint Easter Bible conference in Indonesia was held on April 1-2. The conference began with Dr. Marie Kim who delivered the opening message. After that we had group Bible study. The group Bible studies were divided into three different groups. Since there were students who came from Nepal, who did not understand Korean or Indonesian, there was an English GBS for them. The Korean missionaries joined the group Bible study in Korean, while the native Indonesian participants attended the Group Bible study in Indonesian. There were a total of 14 attendants including five college students.

The first main lecture was delivered by Dr. Joshua Kim on 1 Corinthians 15:1-34. Afterwards based on the message we wrote Bible testimonies and shared them in the evening.  

On the second day we had Group Bible study and then Dr. William Kim delivered the second main lecture on 1 Corinthians 15:35-58 for our Sunday worship service. God worked in Tina by raising her as a shepherdess to serve campus students.

Thank God for blessing us with the opportunity to meditate on the meaning of the Resurrection of Jesus. Amen. 

William Kim