English Webinar Resources

The 1st Webinar : How to Apply Social Media Platforms to Your Ministry!

  • Date: August 29, Saturday
  • Time: 11am (CDT: Chicago), 12pm (EDT: New York), 6pm (CEST: Berlin), Aug 30 1am (KST: Korea)
  • Presentation Session (95 min):
    • Introduction to UBF HQ IT Online Mission Support Project (Pauline Park, Silicon Valley, USA)
    • 1) BE SAFE, NOT SORRY USING SOCIAL MEDIA (Russell Kille, Toledo, USA)
    • 2) YouTube use case (DaeHyun Choi, Gwanak 3, Korea)
    • 3) Campus Mission using Facebook (Charles Kim, Ryerson, Canada)
    • 4) Invitation case using advertisement function (Madeleine Min, Berkeley, USA)
    • 5) Live stream case using Facebook, Zoom, YouTube (Joshua Min, Chicago)
    • 6) How to use zoom for campus mission (Abraham Bae, Washington, USA)
  • Q&A Session (25 min):
    The Q&A is divided into the following 3 Breakout Rooms.
    Add the Q&A Session number you want to attend in front of the name displayed on Zoom, and we will assign it to the corresponding Q&A session.
  • Q&A Session 1)
     BE SAFE & YouTube
    Q&A Session 2)
    Facebook & Ads
    Q&A Session 3)
    Livestream & Zoom
    1) BE SAFE  (P.Russell)
    2) YouTube (Yohan Park)
    3) Facebook (Charles Kim)
    4) Facebook Ads (Madeleine Min)
    5) Live stream (Joshua Min)
    6) Zoom (Abraham Bae)

Presentation Resources :

The 2nd Webinar : Cases of Campus Ministry Using Social Media

Title: Cases of Campus Ministry Using Social Media
Date: October 17, Saturday
Time: 9am (Chicago,Mexico), 10am (NY), 7am (California), 11am(Sao Paulo), 4pm (Germany), 5pm(EAT, Uganda)
Presentation Session (60 min):
1) Facebook Use Case for campus mission (Pauline Park, Columbus UBF, USA)
2) Instagram Use Case for campus mission (Paul Cho, Suncheon UBF, Korea)
3) Discipleship training and use of "Band" (Abraham Suh, Asan UBF, Korea)
4) Virtual Church Ministry using Slack (Calvin Raveenthran, St. George UBF, Canada), (Abraham Bae, Washington UBF, USA)

Presentation Resources :