by Dr. Samuel Lee   03/06/2001     0 reads


Romans 3:21-26; 4:1-8
Key Verse: 3:24

1. Read 2:17-24. What ways were the Jews, the "good" people false? Read 2:25-29.What kind of circumcision is valuable? Read 3:1-9.How does God show his faithfulness? Read 3:10-20. What is Paul's conclusion about man's sinful state?

2. Read verse 21. What did God do instead of pouring out his wrath (1:18) on sinful man? What is the righteousness from God to which the Law and Prophets testify? (Ge 22:18; Isa 9:6,7)  Read verses 22-23. How can we obtain it?  Why do all people need it?

3. Read verse 24. What does "redemption" mean? (Ex 2:23;6:6) How does God redeem man from sin? (Eph 1:7,8) Read 25a. How did Jesus show us his love and make us holy? (See Lk 1:74,75)

4. What does it mean to be "justified freely by his grace"? (Eph 2:8,9) What is grace? (Ex: Lk 23:42,43)

5. How does God demonstrate his own justice? (25a-26) What does this teach us about God's righteousness and his love? Read 27-31. Why is only faith in Jesus--and nothing else--necessary? (22, 26b,27-31)

6. Read 4:1-8. What did Abraham and David have in common? What did Abraham believe? How did he respond to God's promises? (3,17,18,21) Why was David a blessed or happy man? How can we apply these lessons of faith? (Ro 4:22-25)