by Dr. Samuel Lee   03/04/2001     0 reads


Romans 1:18-2:16
Key Verse: 1:18

1. Read 1:18-20. Against what is God's wrath revealed? (Compare 1:17) How do people deliberately suppress the truth?

2. Read 1:21. What happens to the mind and heart of one who deliberately does not honor or thank God? (Compare Luke 20:9-10; Daniel 4:28-32)

3. Read verses 22-23. What foolish exchange do people without God make? What does it mean that "God gave them over?" (24,26,28) How is this an expression of his love as well as of his wrath?

4. Read 1:25-27. What other foolish exchanges do people without God make? How do godless people invert creation order? What happens to human relations in a godless society? (28-32)

5. Read 2:1-5. Who else is a suppressor of the truth? Why is only God's judgment right? How do self-righteous people abuse God's love? (4) What must we do instead of judging others? (5)

6. Read 2:6-7. What is God's standard? What are the two directions men seek? What is the result in each case? (8-11) What does it mean that God judges according to conscience? (12-16) Who can measure up to God's standard? (3:10) Why must we live by faith?  (1:17)