by Dr. Samuel Lee   03/02/2001     0 reads


Romans 1:1-17
Key Verse: 1:17

1. Read verses 1-4. What does Paul mean by referring to himself as a servant of Jesus Christ? (1:6; 6:16) As an apostle? What is the gospel of God? How does it prove God's faithfulness? What can we learn here about Jesus?

2. Read verse 5. What does "for his name's sake" mean to Paul?  What is the grace Paul (and we) received? Why is mission also God's grace? (1Co15:10) What does it mean to call people to the obedience that comes from faith?

3. Read verses 7-15. Why was Paul thankful for the saints in Rome? Why did he want to visit them? What spiritual gift did he want to give them? What was his obligation to them and to all people?  Why?

4. Read verse 16. Why is Paul not ashamed of the gospel? Why does everyone need the gospel? Why is the gospel called the power of God for salvation? To whom is the gospel available?

5. Read verse 17. What is a righteousness from God that is revealed in the gospel? To whom is the righteousness from God revealed?  What does "by faith from first to last" mean? What does it mean to live by faith?