by Dr. Samuel Lee   02/22/2001     0 reads


Daniel 11:1-12:13
Key Verse: 12:13

1.  Who was the king whom God protected? How had God protected Daniel and his people living in exile in the lands governed by the beasts? (Da 6)

2.  The three more kings appear in what country?  to conquer which country? Why do they fail? Who is the "mighty king" (3; 8:5,23)? In what respect was he great and not so great? (2-4)

3.  What would happen to the empire of the "mighty king"? (4)

4.  Read verses 5-8. From what country is the king of the South? (8) How did he try to build an alliance with the powerful king of the North? How would this effort end in war?  What was the initial outcome of the war?

5.  Read 9-13. Describe the escalation of the war between the king of the North and the king of the South. What becomes the motivation for the slaughter of many people by the king of the South?

6.  Read 14-20. Some of the Jews joined in the battle on which side? With what success?  After the king of the North conquers the fortified city, what will he do? (14-17)

7.  How would the king of the North attempt to make an alliance with the king of the South? Why would he fail? What would finally happen to him and his kingdom? (18-20)

8.  How does the "contemptible person" in verse 21 resemble the antichrist? When are people most vulnerable to Satan's attack? (21,24) What methods does he use against the people of God? (24-35)

9.  What characteristics of the antichrist, who resembles Satan, can you find in these verses?

10. Who protects the people of God in the end times? Why do they need protection? Who will be saved? How? What will happen to those whose names are not written in the book of life?

11. When the man in the vision wanted to know more specifically when all of these events would happen, what was he told? When Daniel asked about the final outcome, what was he told? After learning many things about the end times, what should Daniel--and we--do?