by Dr. Samuel Lee   02/20/2001     0 reads


Daniel 10:1-21
Key Verse: 10:12

1.  What is the time of the events in this chapter? Who was Cyrus and what had he done? (2 Ch 36:22,23) What was the chief concern of the Jews at this time?

2.  What did the revelation given Daniel concern? How could he understand its meaning?

3.  What did Daniel do in response to this revelation? Why? What does this reveal about him?

4.  Describe the man he met in his vision. Where did he meet him? (Compare with Revelation 1:12-16.) Why was Daniel the only one who saw the vision?

5.  How did the sight of this vision affect Daniel? What did the man do and say to encourage Daniel? (10:7-12) What can we learn from Daniel about how to fight the spiritual battle and be spiritual people? (Compare with Jesus in Matthew 4:1-11.)

6.  Who detained the angel who had come to help Daniel? (See 12:1 in order to understand this part better.) Who is Michael? Why had this man come to Daniel? (13,14)

7.  When did Daniel begin to speak? What did he say? (15-17) How did the man help him? (18,19) What can we learn here about spiritual warfare?

8.  Read verse 20. What did the man tell Daniel? (The prince of Persia and the prince of Greece represent spiritual powers.) What can we learn here about how to fight the spiritual battle? (Comp Ephesians 6:10-18)