by Dr. Samuel Lee   02/18/2001     0 reads


Daniel 9:1-27
Key Verse: 9:8,9

1. Read verses 1-2. Who was the ruler of Babylon at this time? What was Daniel doing?  What Scriptures did he evidently read? (Jer 25:11-12; 29:10-14; Isa 40:1,2) What did he learn about God's promises and plan for his people?

2. Read verses 3-4a. What did Daniel do when he discovered God's promises in the Bible? What can we learn from him?

3. Read verses 4b-6. How did Daniel address God? What did he know about God? To what did he attribute the suffering that had come to his people?  Why did he include himself? What are the specific sins he mentions in verses 4-6?

4. Read verses 7-11a. Why and how had the righteous God shamed them? Whom does he include as being responsible for the shame that has come upon his people? What sins does he mention here?

5. Read verses 9-14. What else does he know about God's character that gives him courage to pray? (9) What was the purpose of God's punishment?  What should God's people do?

6. Read verses 15-19. What did Daniel remember about God's grace of deliverance in the past? On what basis did he ask God's mercy?

7. Read verses 20-23. Who visited Daniel, with what message? Read verse 24. What are six things to be fulfilled by the Messiah after 490 years? Read verses 25-27. What would happen to the Christ? In the world? What shows God's sovereignty?