by Dr. Samuel Lee   02/14/2001     0 reads


Daniel 7:1-28
Key Verse: 7:13

1. Read verses 1-3. When did Daniel have this dream? What was the general content of the dream?  What did the 4 beasts represent? (16-17; 2:38-40) Of what do the four winds and the great sea remind us? (Gen 1:1,2)

2. Read verses 4-6. Describe the first three beasts. Think about the characteristics of lions and eagles; of bears; of leopards. What nations might each represent? What happened to each of them? Compare with the statue in chapter 2.

3. Read verses 7,19,23-25. Describe the fourth beast. How was the fourth beast different from the others? What prophecy was made concerning this fourth beast? What nation fulfilled this prophecy? (See again 2:40-43) How might the crucifixion of Jesus fit into the picture of the fourth beast?

4. What can you learn about the little horn and its meaning? (8,20-21,24,25)

5. Read verses 9-10. Who is the Ancient of Days? How is he and his throne room described? What does this description suggest about him? What did he do about the little horn? (20 22; 24-27)

6. Read verses 13-14 again. Who is the son of man? What do these verses teach about him? (Compare Rev 1: 13-16; Mk 9:3,4.)

7. Read verses 24-27. How is the final victory described? (14,26,27) Who are the saints and how can we be sure that we are included among them? How do you think these prophecies are/will be fulfilled?