by Dr. Samuel Lee   02/12/2001     0 reads


Daniel 6:1-28
Key Verse: 6:10

1. Read verses 1-3. How did King Darius organize his empire? What was Daniel's position in this new government? How and why did the king plan to promote him?

2. Read verses 4-5. Why did the other administrators and satraps try to find grounds to bring charges against him? Why could they find none? What conclusion did they reach?

3. Read verses 6-9. What was the decree they persuaded the king to issue? Why could the king be persuaded to issue such a decree? Why put it into writing "according to the laws of the Medes and Persians"?

4. Read verse 10. When Daniel heard about this decree, what did he do? How was Daniel's uncompromising stand consistent with his previous decisions and actions? (1:8; 2:28; 4:27; 5:22; 6:10) What was his prayer topic?

5. Read verses 11-17. When Daniel's enemies went as a group and reported Daniel's disobedience to the king what was his reaction? Why could he not change his foolish law? What did he finally do?

6. Read verses 17-18. What was the king's only hope? (16) How did he spend the night? (18) Read verses 19-23. What did the king do at the first light of dawn? What was Daniel's testimony?

7. Read verses 24-28. What happened to Daniel's enemies? What had King Darius learned about God? (25-27) What can we learn in this chapter about faith and prayer?