by Dr. Samuel Lee   02/10/2001     0 reads


Daniel 5:1-31
Key Verse: 5:25

1. Read verses 1-5. Who was King Belshazzar? Describe the party he had for a thousand of his nobles. What was the main activity of the party? How did the king show contempt for God? How did he and his nobles further insult God? (4)

2. Read verses 5-9. While they were drinking, what strange and terrifying thing happened? How did the king react to what he saw? Why did he become even more terrified? What did he promise to the man who could read message on the wall?

3. Read verses 10-12. Who came into the banquet hall?  Why was she not attending the party? How did she encourage and counsel the king? What did she say about Daniel? What was her recommendation?

4. Read verses 13-16. How did the king question Daniel? What did the king know about him? What reward did he promise Daniel if he could interpret the handwriting on the wall?

5. Read verse 17. How did Daniel respond to the king? Read verses 18-21. What did Daniel tell the king about his father King Nebuchadnezzar? Read verses 22-24. What lesson had Belshazzar failed to learn? What sin had he committed?

6. Read verses 25-28. What was the inscription on the wall and what did each word mean? What does it mean to be "weighed in the scales and found wanting"? Read verses 29-30. What was done for Daniel? How was the prophecy fulfilled?