by Dr. Samuel Lee   02/04/2001     0 reads


Daniel 2:1-49
Key Verse: 2:37

1.  Read verses 1-13. How did King Nebuchadnezzar's dreams affect him?  What demand did he make of the wise men of the nation? How did their response confirm his suspicions? What did the king order?

2.  Read verses 13-18. How did the king's angry decree affect Daniel and his friends? What did Daniel and his friends do? (Compare Mk 14:37-41; Mk 11:24; Mt 7:7,8) What does this event reveal about Daniel?

3.  Read verse 19. How did God answer their united prayer? Read verses 20-23. What was the first thing Daniel did? What did he confess about God's sovereignty and wisdom and ways of working?

4.  Read verses 24-30. How did Daniel proclaim God's power and wisdom to the king? What did he say about himself? What can we learn from him?

5.  Read verses 31-35. Describe the king's dream. Read verses 36-45. What did the king's dream mean? What did his interpretation of the dream show about the kingdoms of the world and human history? (See 5:31; 8:20; 8:21)

6.  Read verses 34-35, 44-45. What does the rock cut out of the mountain represent? (Compare 1 Pe 2:6,7; Isa 28:16; Ps 118:22) What hope does this word plant in God's people?

7.  Read verses 46-49. How did the king respond to Daniel's honest interpretation? How did God honor those who honored him?