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Deuteronomy 6:1–25
Key Verse: 6:7

  1.  Where did the idea of teaching children come from? (1) How does this mandate give authority to the teaching? (1) What was God’s purpose in giving these instructions? (2) What does it mean to fear the Lord? (3a; e.g. Isa66:2; Ps4:4; Isa8:13; Lk12:5) What are the blessings promised? (3b)
  2.  Note the repetition of the command, “Hear” (3,4). Why is “hearing” what God says so important? What is the significance that “the Lord is one”? How does God want us to respond to him? (5) How is this verse the foundation of educating our children?
  3.  How can we keep God’s commands upon our hearts? (6; Ps1:2) What does the word “impress” imply? How were they to do this? (7–9) How can we fill our children’s environment with God’s word, and why should we? (Pr22:6; 2Ti3:14–17)
  4.  What was God’s concern for his people after they were abundantly blessed? (10–12) How can we maintain God’s blessing? (Dt8:1–20)
  5.  What temptations did they face in the Promised Land? (14,16) What direction did God give them? (13,17–19) Why should we not lose our hearts to idols, but serve God only? (15) What idols may be tempting our children, and how can we help them serve the Lord only?
  6.  What historical events did God want the Israelites to teach their children? (20–25) When they begin to ask questions, why should we share with our children what God has done for us? How is God’s grace the foundation of spiritual education?