(Upcoming) The Mystery of Christ / Ephesians 3:1-13

by Mark Vucekovich   09/25/2022     0 reads


Ephesians 3:1-13 ESV

1. What has Paul just said about the unity of believers (2:14–16)? Based on this unity, what does he want to do now (3:1,14ff.)? Before he does this, what does he say about the mystery of Christ that God made known to him (3:2–5)? Why do his readers need to know that this mystery was revealed by the Spirit?

2. How does Paul plainly describe this “mystery of Christ” (Read verse 6)? Why is this such a mystery (2:12)? Why do you think Paul emphasizes this mystery repeatedly? How can we fully accept this truth in our practical lives and in our church?

3. How did Paul become a minister of this gospel (7)? What else does he say about God’s grace to him (8)? What plan of the mystery did he bring to light (9–10)? What does the word “manifold” mean, and how does a unified church reveal such wisdom of God? Why would God want to make this known in the heavenly places?

4. How else does Paul put this in perspective (11)? How does it impact these new Gentile believers and us, and what does this mean (12)? What else does Paul say about his being a prisoner of Christ Jesus, and why (13)?