The Crucifixion of the King (Mt 27:1-56)

by HQ Bible Study Team   06/02/2017     0 reads



Matthew 27:1-56 

Key verse 46 

  1.  What plans did the religious leaders make, and why did they send Jesus to Pilate (1-2)? What did Judas do and why (3-5)? How was Scripture fulfilled (6-10)? 

  1.  What question did Jesus answer and to what did he give no replies, and why (11-14)? How and why did Pilate try to release Jesus (15-23)? What did Pilate finally do, and who was responsible (20-26)? 

  1.  What did the governor’s soldiers do to Jesus and why (27-31)? Why might Simon need to carry Jesus’ cross (32-33)? What happened at Golgotha (34-36)? What did the written charge against him mean (37)?

  1.  How and by whom was crucified Jesus insulted and mocked (38-44)? Why didn’t Jesus save himself (1:21; 26:53-54; 1Pe 2:23-24)? 

  1.  What happened at noon (45)? Read verse 46. What did Jesus loudly cry out (Ps 22:1,7-8,18)? What does his cry mean for us (Isa 53:5-6; 2Co 5:21)? How did those nearby misunderstand Jesus’ cry (47-49)? 

  1. What happened when Jesus died (50-53)? What is meant by the temple curtain being torn in two (1Ti 2:5; Heb 10:19-20)? What was the centurion’s testimony and those with him (54)? Who else were witnesses of Jesus’ death (55-56)?