You Give Them Something to Eat (Mt 13:53-14:21)

by HQ Bible Study Team   05/13/2017     0 reads



Matthew 13:53-14:21 

Key verse 14:16 

  1.  After teaching in parables, where did Jesus go and what did he do (13:53-54a)? Why were his hometown people offended and how did Jesus respond (54b-57)? Why didn’t Jesus do many miracles there (58)?

  1.  How did Herod respond to reports about Jesus (14:1-2)? Why did Herod arrest John (3-5)? What led to John’s martyrdom (6-11)? What did John’s disciples do (12)? How does Herod’s life display the bad fruit of unrepentance and the evil of the times? 

  1. How did Jesus respond to John’s death (13a)? What did the crowds do (13b)? When Jesus saw the crowd, how did he feel (14a)? What did he do (14b)? What does this show about Jesus?

  1.  As evening approached, what did the disciples suggest (15)? What did Jesus command? (16) What was Jesus teaching his disciples through this? How did the disciples respond (17)?

  1.  What did Jesus do with the five loaves and two fish (18-19)? What miracle did Jesus perform through his disciples (20-21)? What is Jesus teaching his disciples and us about himself and his kingdom through this passage?