God's Fellow Workers (1 Cor 3:1-23)

by HQ Bible Study Team   04/16/2008     0 reads



HQ Bible Study Team: Mark Vucekovich, Mark Yang, Ron Ward, Teddy Hembekides, Joshua Hong, and David Kim.

1 Corinthians 3:1–23

Key Verse: 3:9

  1. What problem in the brothers did Paul expose? (1–3) In what respects were they worldly (infants in Christ)? Why were they still spiritual infants?

  1. How did God use Paul and Apollos in the Corinthian ministry? (4–6) How did some of the brothers misunderstand this? How did Paul help them to see God? (7) Think about how God is working through his servants. (cf. Jn5:17; Php2:13) 

  1. How were the tasks of Paul and Apollos different? How was their purpose the same? (6–8) How then should they view God’s servants and themselves? (Read verse 9.) Why is it important to have this viewpoint? How can you apply this principle to yourself and your ministry? 

  1. What new analogy is Paul using in verses 10,11? Why is the foundation of a building so important? What is the church’s one foundation? (11; 15:3,4; Eph2:20–22)

  1. How does Paul compare Christian works to building materials? (12) Which ones survive a fire and which ones don’t? (13-15) Why did he give this warning? 

  1. How did Paul help the Corinthians see themselves? (16,17) What happens to those who destroy God’s temple?

  1. What false confidence did they have in worldly wisdom? (18) How does God view such wisdom? (19,20) What was their motive in boasting? Why should we not boast about men? (21b–23) In light of the above study, what is the solution to divisions in the church?