A New and Living Way Opened for Us (Heb 10:19-39)

by HQ Bible Study Team   04/26/2015     0 reads



Hebrews 10:19-39

Key Verse: 10:20 

1. As the author reminds us, what do believers already have (19a)? What is the basis of our confidence (19b-20; 9:12b; Mk 15:38)? What is implied by the words “a new and living way” (9:14-15; Jn 14:6)? Who effectively mediates for us (21; 7:24-25)? 

2. In light of what Jesus has done, how does the author exhort us (22)? What enables us to draw near to God and, and with what attitude? What further exhortation is given (23)? What is our hope and its basis, and how can we be sure of it (6:16-20)? 

3. How does the author exhort us in relation to one another (24-25)? How should we help one another and why is meeting together important? 

4. What warning is given to those who deliberately keep on sinning (26-31)? How serious is committing the sin of apostasy? 

5. How did the author help the believers to remember what they had already done (32-34)? In light of this, how did he exhort them (35-36a)? What reasons did he give for this exhortation (37-38)? How did he affirm their identity as believers (39)?