Father, forgive them!

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“Father, forgive them��

“Father, forgive them!”

(2005 Summer Bible Conference-Main Lecture II)

Luke 23:1-49

Key Verse 23:34

1.  Read verses 1-12.  How were the attitudes of the chief priests and the teachers of the law toward Jesus?  What about the attitudes of Pontius Pilate and King Herod? What did they all have in common?  What does Jesus’ response tell us about him?  What do we learn here about Jesus as a King(v.3)?  

2. Read verses 13-25.  Why was Jesus, who was innocent, found guilty and sentenced to death (Matt. 27:19)?  

3. Read verses 26-31.  Why did Jesus speak to the women mourning for him with such stern words?  How was he helping them as their shepherd?

4. Read verses 32-34.  Jesus was taken to be crucified between two criminals.  But what did he do while he was suffering on the cross?  What does the key verse(vs.34) show us about Jesus (cf. 1Pe 2:24)? What can we learn from Jesus?

5. Read verses 35-39. Why didn't Jesus save himself (cf. Mk 10:45)?   

6. Read verses 40-43.  What was the main difference between how the two criminals saw Jesus and saw themselves?  Why was only one criminal given the promise of being with Jesus in paradise?

7. Read verses 44-49.  How did a man like a Roman centurion accept Jesus as his personal Savior?  Why was his heart full of praise in the midst of such a difficult thing to witness?