Ask, Seek, Knock

by LA UBF   08/02/2008     0 reads


Ask, Seek, Knock

Ask, Seek, Knock

(Sunday, August 3rd)

Matthew 7:1-12

Key verse 7:7

Read verses 1-6.  Why is it important not to judge others (1-2)?  What should we do before helping others with their weakness or sin problem (3-4)?  Why did Jesus call “hypocrites” those who judge others, but don’t repent themselves (5; Romans 3:23)?  Why is it important to wait for others to be ready to repent before helping them (6)?

Read verses 7-8.  Jesus said that we should ask, seek and knock.  Is there any order or progression here?  What do you think will happen if we ask God in prayer, but don’t seek and knock?  What do you think will happen if seek and knock without asking God?  Give personal examples of each.  

Read verses 9-11.  What is the nature of what God gives (James 1:17)?  How can we know that what God gives is best?  What else can we learn here about the importance of following up on our prayers?  

4.  Read verse 12.  On what bases must we do to others what we would have them do to us (11)?