The Full Message of this New Life

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Tell the Full Message of this New Life

 Tell the Full Message of this New Life

[Planning For 2009]

Acts 1:1-5:42

Key Verse 5:20

1. Read 1:1-11. What were the apostles of Jesus mostly concerned about? (6) But what did Jesus command them to do first? (4-5; 7-8) Why did Jesus shift the apostles' focus (or priority) in that way? 

2. Read 1:12-26. What were the criteria in choosing a replacement for Judas (Iscariot)? Why did Jesus establish the "apostolic ministry"?

3. Consider the contents of Chapter 2. Which one of the following (do you think) is the key point of this chapter? (choose only one) ____________ 

(1) The coming of the Holy Spirit;

(2) The point of the Apostle Peter's sermon; and

(3) The fellowship of the believers. 

4. Refer to question 3 above. How are the three events listed above related to one another?

5. Fill in the blanks. 

(1) In Chapters 4 and 5, the religious leaders opposed the message of the Apostles because: ____________________________________________

(2) Ananias and Sapphira lied to the Holy Spirit because: ____________________________________________

6. Read 5:20. In what respect is the life [the message speaks of] "new"? 

** Write a testimony on one thing you learned from this passage.