Ruth and Boaz's Faith HC8

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House Church Series, Lesson 8


(God Uses Commitment and Selflessness to Redeem a Family)

Ruth 1:1–4:22

Key Verse: 2:12

  • During the times of Judges, the Lord revealed his grace by raising deliverers for his people, despite their repeated idolatry and disobedience (Jdg3:7,12; 4:1; 6:1; 10:6; 21:25). In this dark spiritual environment, God was still working through his remnant people––like Naomi, Ruth and Boaz.

  1. What situation prompted Naomi’s family to immigrate to Moab, and what tragedies befell them there? (1:1–5) Why did Naomi become hopeless? (1:11–13) How did she interpret what had happened? (1:13b,20–21)

  2. What prompted Naomi to decide to return? (1:6–7) On the way, what did she propose? (1:8–9) As Moabite widows, what risks did they face in going back to Israel? How did Orpah respond? (1:10–14a) What choice did Ruth make, and how did she express her faith? (1:14b–18) Why is it important to make a life commitment to God and his people?

  3. How does the author introduce Boaz? (2:1,4) What moved him to be kind to, protect and provide for Ruth––a foreigner? (2:5–11,13–18) Read 2:12. How did he bless her and encourage her faith here? How could he do this? What can husbands learn from Boaz about making a good environment for house church ministries?

  4. Naomi counsels Ruth (2:19–3:4)

Ruth obeys Naomi (3:5–18)

Boaz’s commitment to Ruth (4:1–12)

Naomi’s family line redeemed (4:13–22) [God’s larger redemptive history and plan]