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24 - 2 JOHN

2 John
Key Verse:


2 John 1-13 (Fri.) Dec. 26

Key Verse: 2

1. Walking in love and truth (1-6)

This letter is from John to a community of believers for whom he has a shepherd's love. This means that he loves them in the truth. Jesus commands us to love one another. But how do we love others? We must show our love by living according to God's word of truth. We must not compromise with the truth of God's word in the name of love, for such love is not real love.

2. Watch out for deceivers (7-13)

The central idea of a heresy called Gnosticism was that flesh is evil and spirit is good. The Bible does not teach this. The Gnostics denied Jesus' true humanity. They followed their own ideas, not the Bible. Sometimes an idea excites us and we go off on a tangent. We must not run ahead of the teaching of the Bible, but continue in the word of God. Then we can know the truth that sets us free (Jn 8:31,32). We must not welcome into our homes or into our hearts anyone who brings false teaching.

Prayer: Lord, help me to love others in the truth. Help me not to compromise with the truth of your word in the name of love.

One Word: Walk in love and truth