Jesus, the Kernel of Wheat

by Ron Ward   12/07/2010     0 reads


John 12:1-36

Key Verse: 12:24

1. Where had Jesus been staying and why? (Jn11:53--55) When did he return to Bethany? (1) What was the Passover? Describe the dinner party in Bethany (2). Why was Jesus the guest of honor?

2. How did Mary express her love for Jesus? (3) How did Jesus receive her act of love? (7--8; Mark 14:6--9) What did he predict about himself? What did Judas love? (4--6)

3. What effect did Jesus' raising of Lazarus have? (9,12,17--18) How and why did the crowd welcome Jesus so enthusiastically? (13) How did Jesus fulfill prophecy? (Zech9:9) What does his riding on a donkey's colt tell us about the nature of God's love? (15) What did the disciples understand later? (16) How did the Pharisees respond? (19b)

4. Why might some Greeks have wanted to see Jesus? (20; 3:19--21; Ac17:4) How were they different from the crowd? How did Philip and Andrew handle this? (21--22) Read verses 23--24. What was Jesus' message? What did it mean to Jesus himself? (32--33) How did this demonstrate Jesus' love? (3:16; 15:13) How was Mary's act of love a reflection of this?

5. Read verse 24 again. What principle did Jesus teach? Read verses 25--26. What did he mean by hating/loving one's life? What are the consequences of each? The reward and blessing? How can we apply this principle to our practical lives? (Mk8:35)

6. What were Jesus' struggle and his decision of love? (27--28a) How did God respond? (28b) How did people interpret the voice from heaven? (30) What fruits would Jesus' death on the cross bear? (31--33) How did their wrong idea about the Christ reveal that they were in darkness? (34) What urgent, gracious invitation did Jesus give them anyway? (34--36)

7. How can the principle of the kernel of wheat, love and sacrifice, be applied to the house church ministry?