by Dr. Samuel Lee   01/04/1998     0 reads


1 Peter 2:4-25
Key Verse: 2:4

“As you come to him, the living Stone--rejected by men but chosen by God and precious to him.”

1.  Read verses 4-5. Who is the "living stone"? What is the paradox about him?  How does God work in us as we come to him? What does it mean to be a holy priesthood? What are the sacrifices acceptable to God?

2.  Read verses 6-8. What does Scripture say about this living stone? Why is Jesus called the "stone the builders rejected"? (7) To whom is he precious?  (4,6,7) When does he become a stone that causes men to stumble?

3.  Read verse 9. What is God's purpose in choosing his people? What does it mean to be a royal priesthood? A holy nation? (cf. Ex 19:5,6) What is the life purpose of all believers?

4.  Read verse 10. What is the special grace and mercy which we have received?  What difference does it make to have a sense of history? Read verses 11-12.  How can we live lives that glorify God?

5.  Read verses 13-17. What should be the Christian's attitude toward those in authority? Why? How can one submit to masters and at the same time live as a free man? How should we use our freedom?

6.  Read verses 18-21. What does Peter teach about two kinds of suffering? Read verses 22-25. What was Jesus' example and how can we follow him? What has he done for us?