We are looking for heroes who will create a new history through Social Media, in the Covid-19 era

Dear UBF Members,

Thank you all, UBF missionaries, shepherds, Bible teachers and members, who have been working hard for the world mission in each mission field.

As COVID-19 keeps us from meeting offline, our online team is doing our best to support our UBF ministries through various online/SNS platforms:

UBF Online Mission Team (Draft)

We are looking for volunteers for the UBF Online Mission Team. The way that we are going to bootstrap our social media is by creating digital contents to bring the light to the digital platform. Does this all sound like you? Then you should volunteer for this role!


  1. Content Creator

    Role: find young and talented messengers to present gospel messages in our social media platforms, testimonies to share, encouraging content

  2. Facebook and SNS specialist

    Role: Maintaining Facebook/SNS related work in mission

  3. YouTube Channel

    Role: YouTube channel and video planning production and operation

  4. Programmer (Web, App)

    Role: UBF Website creation & maintenance (HQ, Chapter site, Bible Reading, Bible Study site), UBF App development
    Qualification: Web Language(Php, Mysql, Laravel etc), App Program(Android, iOS)

  5. Video Editor

    Role: Video (YouTube) and sound editing

  6. Translation Support

    Role: proofreading, translation (English, Korean, Spanish, etc)

Fall Semester Preparation

  • 1) Preparation to support each chapter
  • 2) Witness Project(Testimony, message YouTube Channel)


This position is volunteer and unpaid position. Work remotely for 3-6 hours per week for minimum 3 months commitment.

How to Apply

If you have any questions, please email us. (ubfonlinemission@gmail.com)