Identity as Sent Ones: Personally and in Community (Questions)

10/31/2016     0 reads  
Discipleship LDW 3-1

by Teddy Hembekides, Abraham McIlhenny, Andrew Christopher




“He appointed twelve that they might be with him and that he might send them out to preach and to have authority to drive out demons.” (Mk 3:14-15)

Introduction: The true identity of everyone who is called by Christ is A Disciple Of Jesus Christ. Unless that person has this personal conviction in his or her heart, the personal and necessary conviction that they are also One Of Christ’s Sent Ones will not mature to fruition in their lives. In this session we want to explore how one’s identity as a disciple of Jesus and their being sent out by him are inseparable. 

  1.  Who did Jesus appoint and for what purpose? Think about the probable backgrounds each might have come from. What do we know about them? How might Jesus calling and appointment have interfered with their lives in general? What impact might his calling have had on their identity? 
  1.  Define the term “identity.” How do people in general interpret or view their identity? What does God say about people who belong to him? (Ex 19:5) How about those who do not? (1Pe 2:10a) How did Paul value his identity as a Christian as he stood before king Agrippa? (Ac 26:28-29) How must those who are Christ’s sent ones value their Christian identity? 
  1.  Besides receiving healing and forgiveness, what else did those whom Jesus touch with his grace also receive? (ref. Mk 5:19, Lk 5:10) What do these transformations tell us about Jesus’ grace in a disciple’s life and the restoration of that disciple’s mission? How are the two inseparable? (Ro 1:5) Why is this a necessary conviction to have for a Christian? 
  1.  What dangers may arise in fellowships that are over zealous in their desire for Christian outreach? What happened when some Judaistic Christians tried to evangelize? (Ga 1:6-9) How can Christians prevent the same thing from happening in their own communities as well? 
  1.  How can keep our identity as Christian sent ones? (Jn 15:9,10) How important is it to remember the grace of Jesus in a sent one’s life? To remember who Jesus is? Who we are in him and to him?