Mid-Atlantic Region Summer Bible Conference (July 7-10, 2022)

Period : 07-07 ~ 07-10-2022

by UBF HQ   07-06-2022   0 reads

The 2022 Mid-Atlantic Region Summer Bible Conference will be held in-person (for the first time since 2019) at the Eastern Mennonite University located at Harrisonburg, Virginia. The theme of the conference is "Arise and Shine -- Hope of God for us in Times of Uncertainty" (Isaiah 60:1-2). More than 15 UBF chapters in the region will participate in the joint conference (over 200 persons have registered to attend thus far.) We pray that God may bless all of us to see the world with the eyes of God and bring the light of Jesus to the world. Details of the conference can be found at: https://www.washingtonubf.org/conference