UBF HQ Online School

Program overview:

As a long-term goal, we want to develop a broad range of courses in different languages (e.g. Spanish and others) for leaders in the mission fields.

As a short-term goal, we plan to offer a core program in English. It will cover 15 basic courses that may be completed in five years if taken one per semester (including summer).

Each course is usually 12 weeks long. Coursework includes reading books/lecture notes, attending online meetings, taking quizzes, writing short essays, and interacting online with other students and instructors through discussion forums.

Upon completion of the courses, UBF will issue a certificate of completion for the Online School program. For those who aspire to receive UBF ordination (such as sizable chapter directors), this certificate can also be taken into consideration, along with the candidates’ integrity of character, practical experiences and pastoral qualifications in ministry.

Courses are offered through the online platform: ubfeducation.neolms.com

Courses available and in development

  • Church History I & II
  • Bible Doctrine I, II, III
  • New Testament Interpretation
  • Bible Teachers Workshop
  • Christian Leadership
  • Biblical Preaching
  • Counseling, Pastoral Selfcare
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Theology of Mission
  • Old Testament Interpretation
  • Worship
  • Marriage and Family
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Biblical Ethics

Optional courses:

  • Biblical language tools, Apologetics, American Church History

What doctrine do we promote?

Since most of our members are lay missionaries and Bible teachers, doctrinal positions are not necessarily well defined. To promote solid teachings and godly practices within UBF communities, the educational programs we offer will be based on sound doctrines. We affirm an Evangelical, Reformed, non-denominational position, guided by a high view of Scripture and a focus on obedient, personal faith. While we are united on core doctrines, we permit differing evangelical viewpoints on lesser issues.