UBF HQ Online School



Church History 1:

The Church History course is designed to provide ministers with a working knowledge of the major themes, issues, and people of church history and to make use of the rich resources of church history in our practice of ministry. This course (Church History 1) is a survey of the development of the Christian church from the end of the New Testament period up to the Reformation. It covers major events, issues, people, and ideas that shaped the life and doctrine of the Christian church. The course will provide an examination of church history from an evangelical, ecumenical perspective.

Bible Doctrine 3:

The Bible Doctrine 3 course is a continuation of Bible Doctrine 1 and 2. This course (Bible Doctrine 3) covers the major themes of Christian faith: Ecclesiology (Biblical teaching on the Church) and Eschatology (Biblical teaching on the Future). Also, this course will deal with the Christian creeds. Each theme will be covered in depth and be reflected on biblical and historical aspects, and on practical applications.

Biblical Interpretation 1: Christ-centered Reading and Preaching of the Bible

We believe in the Bible as the inspired word of God. The New Testament teaches that we must read the whole Bible in light of Christ. Reading Scripture through the “Jesus Lens” is fundamental and indispensable to Bible study and preaching, and was taught by the early church and the Reformation as well. This course is designed to understand the Christ-centered character of the whole Bible and learn how every part of the Scriptures contributes to our understanding of the gospel. The course will deal with the questions such as: How is the unity of the Bible seen from a Christocentric perspective? What is the relationship between Christ and a chapter by chapter study of the Bible?

Each course work includes reading books/lecture notes, taking quizzes, writing short essays, and interacting online with other students and instructors through the discussion forum and online meetings. All courses will be offered through the online platform on Blackboard.com.