Passage: Matthew 18:15~20  

Keyverse: 19

1. Go to him (15-17)

This is not easy. We are naturally inclined to complain to others about one who has wronged us. But Jesus says, 'Go and show him his fault just between the two of you.' If he doesn't repent, then take one or two others and try again. Finally, if he refuses to listen even to God's servants, treat him like a pagan or a tax collector. This means that he becomes one to whom the gospel must be preached.

2. Unite in prayer (18-20)

Jesus wants his people to be one in him. This is why we can't ignore the small or large sins that divide the fellowship. When we unite in prayer, he hears us. When even two or three come together in Jesus' name, Jesus is there. We can agree on a prayer topic if it is Jesus' prayer topic. We can be one if Jesus is living in each of us. There is no unity apart from Jesus.

Prayer: Lord, give me courage to solve problems your way. Help us to be one in Jesus and help us to unite in prayer.

One Word: Two or three gathered in Jesus' name