Passage: Matthew 18:1~9  

Keyverse: 3

1. Become like little children (1-4)

The disciples' question gave Jesus an opportunity to teach them what is really important. To enter the kingdom of heaven one must be humble and childlike. One must welcome Jesus with love and trust and one must regard Jesus' sheep as very precious.

2. If anyone causes another to sin (5-9)

'What I do is my own business.' This is the idea of people who live pragmatically. But this is blatant irresponsibility. We are responsible for our influence on others. Parents influence their children by what they do as well as by what they say. Pornography, alcohol and values taught by TV are some of the things that cause people to sin. Those who discourage others and plant fear and doubt must answer to God. Jesus says that we should deal drastically with whatever causes us to sin, for sin is a life and death matter. Only Jesus the Lamb of God can take away our sin and give us life.

Prayer: Lord, I come to you like a child. Change me into one who can be a good influence on others.

One Word: Come to Jesus and be changed