Passage: Ephesians 3:14~21  

Keyverse: 3:17a

First, Christ may dwell in your hearts (14-17a). Paul prayed that God may strengthen their inner being with power through his Spirit. Then Christ may dwell in their hearts. Outwardly believers are like sheep among wolves, but Christ dwelling in us is our source of life and strength. Let's invite Christ into our hearts to dwell with us. Second, power to grasp the love of Christ (17b-21). He also prayed that being rooted and established in love through Christ's dwelling, they may have power as a community to grasp the love of Christ. This love is wider than the universe, longer than time, higher than the mountains, and deeper than the oceans. This love is more than knowledge, and we need to grow in it and be filled to the fullness of God. He is able to do more than all we ask or imagine through this power. To him be glory in our church, in our generation, and for ever and ever, Amen!
Prayer: Lord Jesus, come dwell in my heart that I may know your love more and more.

One Word: pray for Christ to dwell in my heart