Passage: Luke 23:26~43  

Key verse: 34

As Jesus was led to the place of execution, he fell again and again under the weight of the cross. The soldiers seized Simon from Cyrene and made him carry it behind Jesus. Following Jesus, many women mourned and wailed for him. Jesus told them not to weep for him, but for them and their children, because of the judgment to come on their nation which rejected the Messiah. In light of God’s righteous judgment, everyone must weep for their sins and ask for God’s mercy before it is too late.

Reaching Calvary, they crucified Jesus along with two criminals (Isa 53:12). In his unbearable pain and agony on the cross, Jesus prayed to his Father God for the forgiveness of those who were killing him in their ignorance. This forgiveness is available to anyone who comes to him in repentance and faith. The soldiers cast lots to divide Jesus’ clothes and mocked him along with the onlookers and rulers: “Save yourself.” But they did not know that in order to save all sinners, Jesus could not save himself. One criminal admitted that he was guilty and his punishment was just and asked Jesus’ mercy on him, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” Jesus accepted him as he was and invited him to the kingdom of God.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for forgiving my sins. Help me to live as a forgiven sinner with my hope in your kingdom.

One Word: Jesus forgives and welcomes repentant sinners.