Passage: Luke 23:1~25  

Key verse: 25

The Jewish leaders handed over Jesus to Pilate, the Roman governor and pressed three charges against him: sedition, opposing paying taxes, and claiming be a king. After interrogating him, Pilate found no basis for a charge against Jesus. Knowing that Jesus was from Galilee, he sent him to Herod. Herod tried to make Jesus entertain him. Finally, to ridicule and mock Jesus and the Jews, he dressed Jesus in an elegant robe and sent him back to Pilate. Both Herod and Pilate knew Jesus had done nothing to deserve death and didn’t want to be responsible for condemning Jesus.

Pilate should have set Jesus free, for Jesus was found innocent. But to appease the religious leaders, he wanted to punish Jesus and then release him. But his plan of compromise did not work, for the mob, incited by the chief priests, shouted, “Crucify him!” Pilate tried to release Jesus several times, but the crowd shouted until their shouts prevailed. Pilate was a coward and a pragmatist because he knew the truth but failed to stand on the side of the truth to secure his benefits. Jesus was tried unfairly and judged unjustly. Jesus, the innocent, was condemned in the place of the guilty including me.

Prayer: Lord, I am the one who should be tried and condemned in the court of the righteous God due to my sins. But you were tried and condemned in my place. Thank you, Jesus.

One Word: In my place, Jesus was condemned.