Passage: Luke 17:20~37  

Key verse: 22

The Pharisees believed that the kingdom of God would begin with the return of a powerful Messiah and King. But Jesus helped them recognize that the kingdom of God has a present and future dimension. Jesus’ words, “the kingdom of God is in your midst,” meant that its King was present before them. But they had not recognized Him. To be in God’s present kingdom, they needed to know King Jesus personally. If we don’t know Jesus personally and if we aren’t living under his kingship, we are not in the kingdom of God. The final form of God’s kingdom will be seen in the future by everyone when Jesus returns in power and in glory. But for believers who long to see Jesus, there is a danger that they will lose heart while waiting for his coming. God’s future kingdom will be given to those who wait patiently with spiritual discernment in the present.

To emphasize the suddenness of his next coming and to warn his people, Jesus illustrated the days of Noah and of Lot. In both times, the people of Noah and of Sodom lived godlessly everyday—till the day of God’s judgment. Likewise, Jesus will suddenly appear to everyone, ready or not ready, and face God’s judgment. Our living principle must be: “Whoever tries to keep their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life will preserve it” (33).

Prayer: Lord, help me to be ready for your coming by living a life of faith today.

One Word: Jesus will come suddenly