Passage: Luke 9:57~62  

Key verse: 62

Jesus has extended a gracious and wonderful invitation for each of us to follow him. We might be quick to answer “Yes, Lord!”, but how close are we really willing to follow him? How far is the distance between him and us? One man said he would follow Jesus wherever he went, but was he willing to follow Jesus into discomfort and self-sacrifice? Was he willing to live as a mere traveler in this world? Jesus, the Lord and Creator of the whole universe, forsook the comforts of the world to serve God and others. Are we willing to do the same?

Followers of Jesus must have their priorities in order. There must be a sense of urgency in serving Jesus and proclaiming the gospel. Jesus invited a second man to follow him, but the man wanted to wait until a better time. Apparently, his father was elderly, and he wanted to care for him until he passed away. This was a good priority, but not the most important one. The Kingdom of Heaven was at hand and the man needed to proclaim it with all his heart. A third man wanted to follow Jesus after saying goodbye to his family. He, too, was rejected because Jesus wants his disciples to be wholly committed to him. Our eyes must remain on Jesus, and we must follow him with no regrets. The costs of following Jesus are high, but the blessings and joy we have in him are far greater.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, you are everything to us.

One Word: Follow Jesus and never look back