Passage: Luke 9:18~27  

Key verse: 20

Jesus asked the disciples two questions: “Who do the crowds say I am?” and “Who do you say I am?”. The crowds saw Jesus as a prophet. But the disciples confessed that Jesus was God’s Messiah. Jesus is the promised Messiah people had been waiting for centuries. He is the One who saves us from sin and death. He is the One who gives us eternal life in the kingdom of God. He is the One whom we love, follow, and live for. Jesus is the Messiah and we are to commit our hearts and lives to him.

According to the prophecy, however, God’s Messiah must suffer and die and then be raised to life from death. He is the suffering Messiah to take away the wages of our sins, but God raises him as the victorious Messiah.

Jesus’ disciples are those who follow Jesus in his self-denial and his suffering by taking their cross daily. In other words, his disciples are those who follow Jesus in every aspect of their lives. Being Jesus’ disciple is not easy; it involves a struggle against self. But Jesus will clothe his disciples with the glory of the kingdom of God.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, you are God’s Messiah who died and rose again to forgive us and take us to God’s kingdom. Help me follow Jesus daily.

One Word: Who do you say Jesus is?