Passage: Luke 8:26~39  

Key verse: 30

Jesus restored a man who was so far gone that he lived among the tombs. He did not even know who he was because he was so full of demons. No one in the community could help him, but Jesus reached out to him and restored him to his right mind.

When we are deep in sin and shame, it is hard to recognize ourselves as human beings worthy of love and acceptance. Jesus does not avoid reaching out to us even in our most broken states of mind, and he is able to drive out demons of self-hatred, shame, hopelessness, and more. The love of God restores us to the person whom God created us to be. In God's mercy and love, we can find healing from all that separated us from ourselves, God, and people.

Prayer: Lord, your love has the power to drive out all demons that possess and rob us of our true selves. You restore us to you and one another.

One Word: Jesus wants to know you