Passage: Luke 8:22~25  

Key verse: 24

When storms of life come, it can be sudden, uncontrollable, and feel like it will rip our world apart. Jesus rebuked the wind and the raging waters and calmed the storm. To the shocked disciples, Jesus asked, "Where is your faith?"

When storms come, it reminds us how fragile our lives are and how little we control in the world. Following Jesus doesn't mean we'll have a storm-free life. But we can grow in faith that God's goodness and power is greater than any storm. If we can entrust our own lives into God's hands, maybe we can dare to do even greater things than we could ever imagine.

Prayer: Lord, when I am fearful, give me faith to trust in you, even in the biggest storms of life. You have come to know our suffering and death and have overcome.

One Word: Have faith in God