Passage: Luke 8:16~21  

Key verse: 21

Following the parable of the sower, Jesus goes on to share about a lamp. When the seed of God's word grows in us and through perseverance bears fruit, it is like a lamp on a stand that shines for those in the darkness. The gospel is meant to bring the light of life to others in darkness. Those who have ears to hear and receive the gospel will grow brighter and brighter. The light of God’s love can do great things in the hearts of those who receive it and practice it.

Jesus' own family came to see him. When he was made aware of it, he used the occasion to acknowledge that those who hear God's word and put it into practice are his family. God's word put into practice binds humanity together. In God's grace and love, we belong to each other deeply and preciously like a loving, all inclusive, family.

Prayer: Lord, give us open ears and open hearts to receive your word and put it into practice. May we shine your grace and love, creating a community of love.

One Word: Put God’s word into practice