Passage: Luke 7:36~50  

Key verse: 47

There was a woman who lived a sinful life and was labeled a sinful woman by her community. She was considered unclean by the religious leaders, not even acceptable to God. She lived in shame and deep sorrow--until she met Jesus. Jesus accepted her with the grace of God. Jesus forgave her sins and released her from her shame, renewing her dignity and sense of belonging.

Forgiveness leads to a life of love. Love is not too different from forgiveness. It is accepting someone for who they are, mistakes and all. Love forgives, love heals, love shows affection. The woman loved Jesus with great affection, washing Jesus’ dirty feet with her tears of joy, thanksgiving, and gratitude and wiping it with her hair. She poured expensive perfume on them as well. In other gospels, Jesus called such acts of love beautiful (Mt 26:10). Jesus also washed his disciples’ feet.

God loves us as we are, despite our mistakes. God’s forgiveness leads to healing and renewal of soul. When we experience God’s love, we become defined by his love and mercy and not by our worst mistake.

Prayer: Lord, your love and forgiveness strengthens me to live a life of love and wholeness. Help me to see others as you see me.

One Word: Go in peace