Passage: Luke 7:1~17  

Key verse: 9

The Roman centurion was a symbol of oppression to the Jewish people, but the centurion in this passage was different. His surprising love for the Jews, and his own servant, opened his heart to reach out to and put his faith in Jesus’ power to heal. He even had faith in the authority of Jesus' word alone to heal his dying servant. Ironically, such great faith was not found in the religious leaders, but in a Roman centurion.

A widow, whose only son had died, was suffering under the power of death. In her sorrow and vulnerability, Jesus compassionately went to her, and she heard Jesus’ voice, “Don’t cry.” Jesus sees us in our most vulnerable selves with compassion as his own child, mother, or sister. Out of his love, he comforted the widow and raised her dead son to life.

Whether we reach out to Jesus by faith or allow him to enter into our vulnerabilities, Jesus has the power and compassion to bring healing and hope. When we make the effort to connect rather than put up barriers, there can be healing in our hearts, in our communities and in the world.

Prayer: Lord, give me faith that welcomes your power to heal me and those you put in my life.

One Word: Faith that heals.