Passage: Luke 6:12~19  

Key verse: 12

What keeps you up at night? Jesus cared about the suffering people of the world deeply and passionately. He saw crowds of people like sheep without a shepherd and like fields ripe for harvest. People needed to know the truth that God was really with them and cared for their healing and for their blossoming into the fullness of God's image and life in them. Although he was tired, he had to pray, in a solitary place, and be heard by God and to hear His voice.

The next morning, Jesus chose 12 disciples and designated them apostles. They would follow Jesus and learn from him. They would be a start of a new movement that would extend the love and healing of God to the whole world. They were all different, yet Jesus saw a beauty in diversity and loved each one of them, entrusting them with the keys to the kingdom of God, even though one would betray him.

Prayer: Lord, hear us when we pray and open our hearts to hear your wisdom. Are you calling me, as I am, to share in the work of caring for the world around me? Help me to do so.

One Word: Pray