Passage: Luke 6:1~11  

Key verse: 5

The Pharisees accused Jesus’ disciples of breaking the Sabbath law for they picked some heads of grain, rubbed them, and ate them. They interpreted the disciples’ rubbing as threshing and winnowing which were not permitted on the Sabbath. The Pharisees isolated the law from the God who gave the law out of love and grace. They focused only on keeping rules, neglecting the main purpose of the law that is to honor God and love others. Jesus defended his disciples and taught them God’s heart through the story of David. David ate the consecrated bread that was forbidden by the law. But God had mercy on him and restored David’s tired body and spirit. Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath. He is merciful. He gives us rest.

Jesus was teaching in a synagogue on another Sabbath. Although the Pharisees watched over him Jesus healed a man with a shriveled hand out of his shepherd heart. He taught that to do good and to save life were lawful on the Sabbath. We can show our love for him by doing good and saving life on the Sabbath.

Prayer: Lord, help me find true rest in you and do good and save life.

One Word: Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath