Passage: Luke 5:33~39  

Key verse: 38

The Pharisees thought that Jesus and his disciples were very secular because they did not fast but feasted with public sinners. They didn’t understand why Jesus was going against the religious status quo and tradition. Jesus answered them by comparing his disciples as the friends of the bridegroom in the wedding feast. Jesus, the bridegroom, came from heaven to call sinners to repentance and to invite them to a joyful feast both on earth and in heaven. Jesus’ friends celebrate the presence of the Groom by having a joyful feast with him. They will fast when Jesus is not in their midst.

Jesus’ parables show what the gospel is like. It is like a new garment. Nobody tears a new dress to patch an old one. They will just wear and enjoy the new and throw out the old. It is also like the new wine. No one pours the new wine into old wineskins. It should be poured into new wineskins. Like the new garment and new wine, the gospel is very energetic, young, and festive. Patching, pouring, or mixing the Pharisees’ old teachings and traditions with the gospel is not possible. The gospel demands fundamental life change. It shows a new life in Jesus. We, as new wineskins, must accept the gospel and be transformed into the image of Jesus.

Prayer: Lord, help me to be a new wineskin who can hold Jesus in me and grow in him.

One Word: Feast with Jesus