Passage: Nehemiah 10:1~39  

Key verse: 29

After reading the Law and praying with repentance and pleading for God's mercy, the Israelites wrote a binding agreement, with their names signed (9:38). The signers included the governor Nehemiah, the priests, Levites, and leaders of the people. Then the rest of the people agreed to obey the Law Moses brought to them according to God's instruction (29).

They expressly agreed to keep their identity by not marrying their children to Gentiles, to keep the Sabbath holy, to give tithes and other offerings to God as instructed in the Law, and to support the priests and the Levites, honoring them as they serve the house of God (37).

Although their passion for keeping the Law became the foundation of the legalism of the Pharisees that Jesus had to battle, the motives of Nehemiah, Ezra, and other leaders in upholding up the Law were pure and sincere. Having returned from their exile, the Israelites took the initiative to restore the covenant relationship with God. They wanted to be right before God and honor him by carefully obeying the Law (29). They expressed their decision to remain in God and seek him by their willingness to follow God's will.

Prayer: Father, you deserve all our fear and respect. Help me fully submit myself to you and obey your will letting go of my selfish desire.

One Word: I promise to obey God.