Passage: Nehemiah 9:6~21  

Key verse: 7b

The Levites led the worship and prayed to God, who had guided and provided for their ancestors throughout history. God, who created the world and gave life to all the living, chose Abraham to carry out his salvation plan (7). Together, they established a covenant relationship to bless Abraham's descendants (8).

Since then, God had faithfully led them to grow as his chosen people. He saved them from their agonies of slavery in Egypt. God rescued them when Pharaoh chased them. God guided them day and night (12). He gave them the Law so that they would grow to know right and wrong. He provided them with food and kept them from being hungry and thirsty. He led them to the promised land, which they were to take possession (15).

However, the arrogance and unfaithfulness of the Israelites led them to disobey God and despise the spiritual leader (17a). Yet, instead of abandoning them in the wilderness as they deserved, God remained gracious to them, bearing with them for forty years and providing for all their needs (21). The Israelites must have been comforted to remember God’s provision throughout their history despite themselves.

Prayer: Father, thank you for your guidance and love for this undeserving sinner. I find peace as I remember your unchanging love.

One Word: God is faithful.