Passage: Isaiah 52:13~53:12  

Key verse: 53:5-6

This passage finds its fulfillment in the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. God’s people thought that the coming Messiah would be a triumphant king who would be lifted up and highly exalted. They never imagined that the Messiah would come as a suffering servant. Jesus came like a tender shoot, a baby in a manger. He lived a simple, humble life and had no physical beauty like a root out of dry ground. He was despised and rejected. He knew what it was like to suffer and was familiar with pain. He is a friend of sinners and empathizes with our weakness and pains. He is our merciful High Priest.

Yet his suffering was not for himself. He bore our suffering and pain in our place. He was pierced for our sins and his punishment brought us peace with God. His wounds brought healing for us. We all went astray like sheep, but Jesus became our good Shepherd who laid down his life to bear all our iniquities. He became the sin offering in obedience to God’s will; though innocent, he was numbered with transgressors as he was crucified between two criminals. However, God vindicated him by raising him from the dead, conquering death and making us righteous in his sight through faith in Jesus. 

Prayer: Lord, thank you for Jesus who willingly suffered in my place and bore my sins on the cross. I come to you with my pains and sins and with grateful heart.

One Word: Jesus bore my sins in my place